Learning and Development
Redundancy Outsourcing

Copper Oak provides 1-1 or group coaching sessions to support people experiencing redundancy. This includes;

  • Ability, skills and Personality Assessments.
  • CV writing and Application Forms.
  • Interview skills.

It can be difficult and time consuming for the existing HR function to personally run this type of progamme. Neutrality may be of greatest benefit to all concerned.

Some may be concerned that the money used for outsourcing could have been used to retain staff. There can also be anger, resentment, denial and shock and the need to blame at having to go through this process. We are very sensitive to the needs of our clients in terms of care and cost. That is why outsourcing to Copper Oak can be a better option.

We can undertake this work in whatever environment suits you and those you wish us to support.

We will also include resilience training for redundant staff to help them to come to terms with this change and to ensure they are able to achieve their goals in the future. This can be a highly appropriate and effective aftercare resource.

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