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Leading Edge Instruments

We have a range of instruments at our fingertips!    


Here are just a few...  




An excellent diagnostic tool to help manage pressure and achieve mastery!




Assess and develop your flair for leadership!


Both developed at Hull University under the expert guidance of Dr Peter Clough.




Measure your abilities, motivation, interests and  personality in one sitting! Prevue also has a unique benchmarking facility to create job profiles. Developed at Hull University by leading Psychometrist Professor David Bartram


Career MapperTM


Based on the Prevue assessment Career Mapper supports adults and young people in their career decisions.



This assessment measures how an individual displays emotionally intelligent behaviours in the workplace. Designed by Dr Gilles E. Gignac, specifically for selection purposes.




Measures an individuals preferences and how they impact on areas including thinking style, interpersonal styles and problem-solving. Based around the work of Psychologist Carl Jung.




Assesses the ways in which individuals and teams prefer to think.  Developed by Hermann International with courses provided by one of our partners, Carolyn May.

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