Learning and Development
Recruitment & Development Centres

Copper Oak design and facilitate centres including;

  • Competency Based Interviewing
  • Psychometric assessment
  • Design work specific exercises
  • Observations
  • Feedback
  • Facilitate the 'wash up' session
  • Coaching support (Development Centres).



Assessment Centres are more reliable for selecting your staff than just interviews alone. In the short term a basic interview will be lower on cost but in the long term, the ROI from an assessment centre can be far greater.

Copper Oak will work with you to design an assessment centre that maximises your opportunity to select the right people. Person - Organisation fit is essential and if you can reduce the gap between the two, the more likely you are to;

  • Retain staff
  • Reduce sickness and absence
  • Increase job satisfaction and workforce effectiveness
  • Plan for future staff development projects


Staff Development

If you are wanting your teams to upskill or engage in a process of change management,  development centres are just one of the ways of identifiying the strengths and development needs of staff. The information from these centres provides insight into the skills and behaviours of indivuduals. At the organisational level they can provide excellent opportunities to assess the culture. Some of the tools we employ produce group analysis report too!

You might think you are ready for change, but these centres may make you think again!

Development Centres can;

  • Develop your leaders
  • Identify training/ coaching needs
  • Create a 'can do' culture
  • Help you and your people be proactive and reactive during periods of change and growth

External facilitation of these activities ensures neutraility and as a result, perceptions of fairness may be greater. You may already run assessment and development centres, but we can play our part in helping you to remain objective. We will support you at whatever level of input suits you.

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