Learning and Development
360 degree feedback

Create a feedback and learning culture using state of the art online technology that doesn't cost the earth! Seriously, this technology has been designed to be simple and cost effective.

  • Support and consultancy to introduce the concept of 360 feedback to your organisation
  • Online system set-ups incorporating ‘off the shelf’ competencies or inserting your own 'in house' competency frameworks
  • Availabiilty of Generic systems for both small and large organisations.
  • Availability of Third Sector 360 competency framework developed under the expert guidance of Dr Johnathan Passmore at the University of East London
  • Availability of a Housing Sector competency framework
  • System training for key staff
  • Administering the 360 degree project, including providing feedback(optional)

360 degree feedback is an excellent way of collating perceptions about your skills and behaviours from those who know you best.  Procedural justice is important if you want to engage staff, and research suggests that perceptions of fairness of 360 degree feedback is greater than 1-1 appraisals. It gives an all round picture and not the just the view of a manager, who may not see how you operate on a day to day basis.compass

You can;

  • Develop a feedback culture, enhancing organisational communication.
  • Develop a learning culture increasing staff confidence in their own abilities to achieve and to develop reflective practice.
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness

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